viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2007

Sometimes - The Shock Doctrine


Sometimes, I can't understand the people... is true, but it's worse when a day for another one of it changes and he or she doesn't allow to know to you what happen... then, you try to see the things in the distance and is very hard to understand the reason for which... then one resorts to the imagination to try to fill that empty space and to try to know what happened... it seems as if then, people forgot that has a place where to be protected... a place here... where I'll whisper sweet nothings at the ear and appeal to all the fears; a place when I'll bring so much further up and twist the mind until the end of times... a place where never will be touched by the darkness lies inside my mind... a place where If they are down I'll come to pick up it to the ground; and if are lost, if only are lost... I'll be there, to be the trust and will take revenge of all its fears for it's lifes.

Sometimes, I can't understand the people, and i guess the people can't understand me too, it's posible that they confuse my words, my feelings and my point of view of that world. Perhaps, I confuse everything and I'm the one who confuses everything. Perhaps.... but this things, can kill me, and in this moments I guess is better say good bye.

The Shock Doctrine

Despues de ver esto, en verdad quede sin palabras.

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