jueves, 4 de octubre de 2007

Being available

There is something about the fact of feeling and being available...
I hate when you are dating a man -any man, not any in particular- and you have to play that stupid game, where you have to pretend you don't care about. When you finally decide to go for it, and you show them that you are actually willing to do something more than having hiding and amazing sex -when you actually show them that you are available for them-, they think you can die for them, and they also seem not to care about you anymore... I hate when that happens! Should I pretend to love that game and show them that I don't care at all? Should I not show that I'm available from that point of you? That I want to be with him? 
Of course I don't want to be with someone that doesn't love me and worship me, 'cause that's no man at all. I expect to be cuddle and treated with respect; but also, and not less important, I expect not to hide the person I am and I expect to be able to show him who I am. I expect to show him that self that not everybody knows, and that he blushes when I laugh at loud and everybody just turned around to look at us. I expect him to hold me really tight when I lose my temper -yes, peeps! I sometime lose it!-.
Anyway, can someone explain me about that weird fact about man?

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