miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2007

Lonely beds...

When you first sleep with a man, it really socks. And I'm talking about sleeping the weird thing that comes after sex.
He is going to one side and we are going to the other one. And we have always heard that opposites atrackt. That's so not true! Or is it? After a couple of nights bodies get use to the warm feel of human contact and it is more weird. You start to miss the body that last night was there to hug you. After some time you start to get used to the fact that you are all alone and your bed is again yours.
And then you just have to share it, and you want to; but you just don't want to give the space for the other one to feel free on your bed... You want him there but you don't want him to take this space; your sacred space... where you have often dreamed and loved; where you have cried and shout.
Afterwards, it'll always gives back. You finally get used to the fact that he is going to be there, and he is going to get used to you, to your movements and your snorings, your dreams and your crying; your laughs and that unfinishable talk that comes after, before and during.
Eventhough, we don't want to share this so special place we always end up giving it up for the sake of our mind.

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